Kings and Convicts Golf Club

Welcome to the Kings & Convicts Golf Club! 

Never miss a day or night of golf with a craft beer and our state-of-the-art Full Swing simulators! Get some extra practice on the range, bring friends and enjoy some local craft beer while playing a round of golf, or sign up for membership and enjoy the added benefits of reduced rate booking, open play nights, leagues, tournaments and prizes.

Our Simulators offer golfers the opportunity to play on more than 80 courses world wide, including Pebble Beach, St. Andrew’s, and several others. Intricate details regarding accuracy makes for a realistic playing experience, with three-dimensional terrain, trees and foliage impacting the game.


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Summer 2019 Memberships are limited and filling fast! Members get a reduced hourly rate, extended booking availability and access to leagues, tournaments and open play nights. The cost is $50, running from May 1st, 2019 to August 31st, 2019.

Practice Makes Perfect

For those taking lessons, swing analysis tools, including multi-angle video recordings can be VERY helpful!

Each simulator has 18 driving range options.

The Full Swing Technology Advantage

Ball flight tracking

Virtual golf courses

Swing analysis