About Us

King’s & Convicts Brewing Co. is a craft brewery located in Highwood, Illinois; a town that Teddy Roosevelt (the toughest President in America) once called the “Toughest Town in America”.  


Our beer is crafted with a sense of freedom, a love of travel, story telling and the fellowship of beer!
We are Kings & Convicts in the Land of the Free!
We brew Ales and Pilsners utilizing hops and malts from the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and England.

Kings & Convicts?

Starting in 1787 and lasting 90 years England shipped over 160,000 convicts to Australia. Thieves, political prisoners and general rough nuts were put in ships and sent to the other side of the world. What is not as well known is that America was also the recipient of some of England’s shadier characters prior to Australia being blessed with England’s outcasts.

The Americans decided to have a tea party that set off a train of events that ultimately led to the English being forced to find an alternative place to intern their bad buggers. What followed is the birth of a country that enjoys sports, freedom and beer.  The connection between the three countries has endured and now a couple of wandering immigrants from England (The King) and Australia (The Convict) find themselves in Highwood, Illinois looking to brew beer and debate sports and history. The King and the Convict decided that Highwood needed a brewery, and so it was decreed.

Why Highwood?

Highwood has a very colorful history, replete with its own rough nuts and many bars and restaurants. The brewery sits near lake Michigan, atop the highest point between Chicago and Milwaukee, enabling us to “laud over all the land” with a beer for everybody!

Our beer is inspired by the rich history of all three countries, in thiefdom, shady characters, forceful foreigners, a colorful past and of course beer in a town that doesn’t step back for anybody.

Our love for Teddy

In our opinion, Teddy Roosevelt was the toughest, baddest, greatest president ever. There are many stories that have driven our fondness for the 26th President, not just that he called Highwood the Toughest Town in America or his nickname is the same as our favorite football team (The Bears). How about this one: while running for office, Teddy Roosevelt was in Milwaukee and preparing for a speech. Before making his way up to the podium, Teddy was shot by a local saloon keeper. Not to worry, Teddy soldiered on with bullet fragments in his chest and gave the speech…for an hour! After that he felt a little woozy and was treated for the gunshot wound. BLOODY LEGEND!